About Us

Our Approach

is solely focused on you. What your needs are. Helping our clients achieve success makes us successful. We save our clients money and give them much better results, which in turn allows them to focus on their business’s work, knowing the internal “office work” is being handled competently. Your focus is running a profitable company, you can’t help people from an unprofitable stance. Our goal is to help you run a profitable company so you can do your good work. We succeed when you do.

Our Story

I’ve always wanted to help small businesses succeed. Working on the inside of one small business at a time, all my life, was OK, until I went to college as an adult student with a family, and discovered Accounting. I love Accounting! ( I know, you don’t need to say anything…) But then I realized I had a way to really assist small business owners who struggled with what I found to be really bad bookkeepers, and over-charging and incompetent payroll services. I’ve built a business out of being that “money man” for local small businesses.

Next Steps…

Let’s meet so you can tell me all about your business. We’ll talk and then you can decide if we can be of help to your business. I’m an Accountant… not a salesman.