Local Payroll

You get the absolutely easiest way to pay your people. Send us the hours and you’re work is done! We handle everything else. Checks, direct deposits, tax payments, quarterly forms, reports, W2’s. Online payroll services make you log into a website and you do the data entry. Not us. With our service, you hardly have to lift a finger!

Expert Bookkeeping

Books need some help? If things are not up-to-date, is your bookkeeper up to the task? Most often, we cost you LESS than having your own employee bookkeeper because I’ve become pretty efficient over my 19 years of doing accounting and can work much faster. I’m not on your payroll so that saves. In today’s modern world, most small businesses don’t need an employee bookkeeper on their payroll spending 15-20 hours a week- that’s so 1950’s!

Quickbooks Setup

The built-in setup procedures in QuickBooks is rudimentary at best. QuickBooks can do SO much more to make your work faster but it has to be setup right. Proper setup saves gobs of time, doesn’t need to be revised later and corrected all the time, and produces better reports.